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About Us

Our History

As an independently-owned, fellow community member who constantly strives to see all local businesses and individuals succeed, we want to thank you for instilling your trust in us for over 100 years, and we look forward to many more years of returning our appreciation.
Mountain Valley Bank has a rich history within our community of the Sequatchie Valley, a history which began over 100 years ago. We opened in a corner of the Moore Hotel as a home-owned independent bank in the heart of Dunlap, Tennessee in 1905, originally known in town as Sequatchie County Bank.

We began growing, so rapidly, in fact, that in 1909 we constructed a new two-story bank at the corner of Rankin Avenue and Cherry Street. Unfortunately, history also shows devastation for banks across the nation with the Panic of 1910 and the Great Depression of 1929; while these temporarily stalled the growth of Sequatchie County Bank, we survived and grew even stronger through the catastrophes. After the financial uncertainties within our nation, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation was formulated in 1933, which insured deposit accounts up to $5,000, and we took immediate advantage of this opportunity for security.

Growth and transition continued over the next 60 years, with Sequatchie County Bank enduring faithfully through slowed growth and trying economic conditions both here in the Sequatchie Valley and the nation. Finally outgrowing our previous building, our new office at 23 Rankin Avenue South was completed in 1969, and would serve as our location over the next 31 years.
Our history has not stopped there, because in January 2000, Sequatchie County Bank moved again, this time to our current location at 17114 Rankin Avenue. With this change, the Board of Directors and shareholders agreed that in order to grow, we needed to expand our service area as well and the products and options we offer to you, our customers. On January 1, 2001, Sequatchie County Bank was renamed Mountain Valley Bank, and plans were made to open branches in our neighboring communities.

We now serve Dunlap, Monteagle, Jasper and Ooltewah with full-service locations, while offering 24/7 service through our website and mobile applications. While time moves forward and many businesses have come and gone in our community, we at Mountain Valley Bank are still here and are committed to you and your financial needs. Since our inception, we have strived to provide quality service and products to our community, and we look forward to being your independent home-owned bank for another 100 years.


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