Our History

Located in Sequatchie County, the heart of the Sequatchie Valley in Southeast Tennessee, Mountain Valley Bank began operation in the small town of Dunlap early in the 1900s under the name of Sequatchie County Bank. Chartered in 1905 as a home-owned independent bank, Sequatchie County Bank opened for business on October 2, 1905, in a corner of the Moore Hotel located near the center of town.

As Dunlap grew, so did Sequatchie County Bank. Quickly outgrowing the small office in the hotel, Sequatchie County Bank constructed a new, two-story, modern bank building at the corner of Rankin Avenue and Cherry Street in 1909. The years that followed proved difficult for many banks in the nation. The Panic of 1910 and the Great Depression of 1929 greatly slowed the growth of Sequatchie County Bank, but we survived both catastrophes and became stronger because of them. All banks welcomed the formulation of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation in 1933, which insured deposit accounts up to $5,000; Sequatchie County Bank immediately qualified for FDIC participation.

It took 60 years for Sequatchie County Bank to outgrow the 1909 location. In 1969, Sequatchie County Bank's new office at 23 Rankin Avenue South was completed. The first 50 years of existence was difficult and growth was slow due to the economic conditions of the area and the country. With our new facilities and a growing economy, Sequatchie County Bank began a period of sustained growth in customers and assets. The downtown location served the bank over the next 31 years.

In January 2000, Sequatchie County Bank moved into its present facility located at 17114 Rankin Avenue. Shortly after this, the Board of Directors and Shareholders decided it was time to expand our trade area and services we offer to our customers. On January 1, 2001, we changed our name to Mountain Valley Bank and started plans to branch into the surrounding areas.

The old Moore Hotel left the area long ago; the 1909 bank building has been remodeled and now houses apartments; the 1969 building is now the location of the Dunlap City Municipal Building. We currently have locations in Dunlap and Monteagle and offer 24/7 services through the use of our website, but our commitment to our customers has not changed in over a century.

We are still your independent home-owned bank and look forward to serving you for another century!